Steve Cornell at Wisdom for Life:

Lack of wise leadership. This article uses the church of Corinth and issues faced within that church as a matrix for considering issues faced in the church today.

Ten Questions for discussion:

  1. Have you experienced biblically faithful team leadership?
  2. Have you experienced the challenge of working with unqualified leaders?
  3. What are some of the important qualities necessary for being on a leadership team?
  4. What kinds of dangerous assumptions do people make about who is qualified to be in leadership?
  5. What abilities and qualities are necessary for settling disputes between believers?
  6. How much life experience should be prerequisite for a leadership position in the Church (on the elder team)?
  7. Is it wise to have too many younger leaders in the Church?
  8. How can we know if a potential leader is a capable and trustworthy man of integrity who fears God?
  9. What methods and materials do you use for leadership development?
  10. What general lessons have you learned about leadership development in the Church?

via One of the toughest challenges facing Churches today.