9Marks‘ latest eJournal is about reclaiming, reforming, and realizing Sunday School freshly. Does your church still have Sunday School? How’s it working? Inside this issue are a few handful of articles. Here are the titles:

Why You Want Sunday School

Are you thinking about ditching Sunday school? Consider what you might be missing in light of this theological and pastoral argument for Sunday school. By Jonathan Pennington with Bobby Jamieson

Why Sunday School Lost its Edge

How did Sunday school go from staple to sidelined? By Ed Stetzer

How Sunday School Can Change Your Church’s Culture

Changing the entire culture of a church is a crucial but complex task. Here’s how Sunday school can help. By Jamie Dunlop

How Sunday School Can Help Your Preaching

Sunday school frees up time for exposition and beefs up your ability to do application. By Jamie Dunlop

Sunday School and its Rivals

What are the pluses and minuses of different discipleship contexts? By Trevin Wax

Not Your Grandma’s Sunday School

Here is a Sunday school model that sytematically moves people through a five-year curriculum that covers different areas of life and doctrine. By Garrett Kell

How to Reform a Sunday School Program

Here’s how one pastor both modified a traditional Sunday school program and started a new one from scratch. By Juan Sanchez

Whatever the Model, Don’t Be Afraid to Teach

No matter what approach you take to Sunday school, be sure to teach. And consider how to balance out the weaknesses of your model. By Jonathan Leeman

Sunday School for Dummies: How to Use and Develop New Teachers

Do you have more teaching slots than teachers to fill them? Here are some guidelines for using and developing new teachers. By Jamie Dunlop

Five Things Every Group Leader Should Do

How can you grow as a Sunday school teacher? Here are five simple steps. By Michael Kelley

The Advantages of Curriculum

Curriculum can save time, serve new teachers, and generate interest among the congregation. So why reinvent the wheel! By Bobby Jamieson