In an effort to help keep you in the loop, here is a list of resources to foster awareness of some of the things happening locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally in the Alliance.

  1. Monthly Alliance Newsletter: this is the e-newsletter from the national office. All official workers are automatically subscribed, but anyone can sign up to receive it (or subscribe through a different email address).
  2. Short-term Trips: the ENvision Culture project coordinates turnkey trips to a dozen locations around the world for Alliance churches. Check out their resource page with multiple docs for trip preparation.
  3. Alliance Prayer Requests: Join the thousands of Alliance people who receive prayer needs emailed to their inbox each Tuesday. Bulletin inserts are available as well.
  4. Free Magazine: alife magazine is mailed free to anyone that asks. Call (877) 284-3262 to subscribe.
  5. 125th Anniversary Logo: a zip file includes Adobe .ai, .jpg, .png, .bmp and .tif formats.

Note these upcoming events as well…

  1. March 18-20: prayer retreat (Centerton, IN)
  2. April 23-25: district conference (Indianapolis, IN)
  3. May 12: ordination/consecration workshop (Merrillville, IN)