This is from a 2-part series by Winfield Bevins outlining 5 things that marked the discipleship of the Puritans. The title of the articles were “Discipleship in the Puritan Era”.

1. Biblical Preaching

The Puritan pastor played an important role in discipleship of believers through preaching and personally catechising the flock.

2. Devotional Writings

The Puritans were prolific authors who produced a plethora of devotional books and pamphlets for their followers.

3. Catechisms and Creeds

Catechisms provide basic summaries of the church’s teachings to ensure that all members of the church understand the essentials of the faith for themselves.

4. Keeping the Sabbath Holy

They believed the Sabbath was a command not an option.

5. Family Ministry

The Puritans believed that their home was their church. They knew the call to “make disciples” begins in the home.

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