1. Missional Learning Commons. Topic: cruciform leadership, Oct 26-27. Fitch’s blurb here.
  2. Os Guiness: Civility in the public square.
  3. 5 minutes with Mark Dever. The Church: the gospel made visible.
  4. The Regrettable Rise of “OMG!” The power of words and our flippancy with them.
  5. Going where angels fear to tread: church numbers. Very few churches gauge how effective they are in carrying out their mission.
  6. A message from a bachelor pastor to his congregation before his wedding.
  7. Project 2,996. Remembering the victims of 9/11


Let the kingdom be always before you; and believe steadfastly concerning things that are invisible. Let nothing that is on this side of the other world get within you; and, above all things, look well to your own hearts, and to the lusts thereof, for they are decitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Set your faces like a flint; you have all power in heaven and earth on your side.

-Pilgrim’s Progress