1. Why go to church? Two reasons.
  2. Millennials arent’ leaving the Church. They’re leaving a sub-culture.
  3. Not wasting an opportunity by trying to look cool in front of Seth Godin.
  4. Nate Perron recently started a website for a counseling practice ministry.
  5. “Are we all braggarts now?” WSJ article on society’s use of FB and Twitter.
  6. Zucchini hidden in the hamburger. Hiding the presence of God in our daily life.
  7. Francis Chan : We’re called to disciple-making. Could we be disciples who make disciples?
  8. Do you have questions about Muslims and the religion of Islam? Bridges Seminar is coming to Orland Park.
  9. Here is the invitation to the MNet events in October. You can sign up now on the Alliance website if you would like to participate.
  10. For Fun: Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman. The actual time it took to film this was 11 seconds.


“We will never stop seeking God. He is infinite. As theologian Wayne Grudem explains, ‘for all eternity we will be able to go on increasing in our knowledge of God and delight more and more with him.’ Believers can grow deeper in their relationship with God now and continue the process in eternity, yet never reach an end to knowing God.” (Klaus Issler, Wasting Time with God, 17)