1. Can a Muslim follow Jesus and remain a Muslim? David Garner examines the “Insider Movement” approach to reaching Muslims.
  2. What does “pastor” mean to you? Grappling with taxonomy of pastor with Eugene Peterson.
  3. Roots Reading Initiative. Year of deepening roots in great books.
  4. The ways and means of revival. How do seasons of revival come?
  5. [17] reminders for leaders. Mark Batterson’s cheat sheet.
  6. For Fun: Nervous guy sings on The X Factor. Humility always makes things more shocking.


“When men’s hearts are not full of God, they become full of the world around like a sponge full of clear water that has been squeezed empty and thrown into a mud puddle.” -Richard Lovelace, The Dynamics of Spiritual Life (IVP, 1979, pg 184)