You have probably had a conversation with someone where you knew it was more than two people talking. There was a sense of the divine mediating the conversation. Perhaps you’ve had that feeling in a group discussion.

What was the last spiritual conversation you had?

Malachi spoke an encouraging word-picture at a very discouraging time in Israel’s life. The people were apathetic. But even so, when the people started a spiritual conversation, God showed up. He even played the role of secretary of the meeting and took minutes!

Malachi 3:16 says,

Then those who feared the LORD spoke with one another. The LORD paid attention and heard them, and a book of remembrance was written before him of those who feared the LORD and esteemed his name.

Can we make spiritual conversations happen?

It is great when we stumble into them. I think with a little initiative we can create discussions that God would gladly join. I participate in several settings each week, where planned conversations take place. Some are one-on-one conversations. Some are group discussions. One of them is online, where a common Scripture reading is followed. I think you can make spiritual conversations happen. All that is needed is a plan. And if the other person or group agrees to engage in the same plan – Yahtzee! – half the work is already done.

I love questions. I think they are one of the best tools for making spiritual conversations happen. The simplest plan is to come up with is a list of questions that is agreed upon. These could be answered on the spot or answered ahead of time. Look at these questions from John Ackerman’s book Spiritual Awakening:

  • Where is God in your life?
  • Where is the growing edge in your life?
  • What are your spiritual priorities this week?
  • What are you going to commit to this week?

A few powerful, pointed questions can create a significant conversation. Coupled with confidence that God desires to mediate – even take notes of 🙂 – our conversations, we can take the most apathetic relationship and swing it in the direction of depth and meaning. Where can you make a spiritual conversation happen this week?

Below are further resources and examples of approaches that may help you in your planning.

  1. Renovaré Formation Groups. If you are looking for a detailed order for a meeting, the Renovaré meeting plan is a great resource.
  2. Q Place. They have figured out how to take down the barriers for people who want to have conversations about spiritual matters. Contact Ron Mangin ( at Blanchard if you are interested in specifics about Q Place.
  3. The Learning Circle. This is based on of 3DMs foundational tool for the discipleship process. You can read more here and here.
  4. Alpha Courses. A wide array of outreaches, from evangelism and discipleship to marriage and parenting, have been effectively used through alpha. Contact Bill Calvin ( at Bloomingdale if you would like to know specifics about Alpha.