At our church we have been going through The Story compilation of the biblical narrative. So Palm Sunday was not used to talk about the Triumphal Entry. The procession, palms, and praises were replaced by thoughtful preparation for Passion Week.

Instead of imagining the crowds waiving palm branches, we watched the soldiers whip Jesus with switches and cat-o’-nine-tails as depicted in The Passion of the Christ. I hate to watch it, but I realize how helpful it is to be reminded why this is called Passion Week. There was much suffering before resurrection.

May you move as slowly to Sunday as the Bible takes you. The story slows down. On almost each day events are recorded. May we slow down and consider what led to the victory on Resurrection Sunday.

1. Chart of Passion Week Events
2. Unavoidable Gore, Controversy in ‘Passion?’
3. C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters on the Resurrection
4. Freshly Imagined Correspondence from Screwtape to Wormwood

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