I often keep things to myself. An encouraging word ends up not leaving my lips. A helpful hand is not extended. A bit of advise is filtered as unnecessary. I don’t make the effort. I don’t take the time. With a little effort, I could do a lot more sharing.


Information is one example of something that I could easily share more. I am grateful for those willing to share. Ben Domenech’s The Transom, Justin Taylor’s Between Two Worlds, Guy Kawasaki’s All Top, and other RSS feeds and things Facebook friends post, place things across my path that I never would have known about otherwise. At times it has really made a difference. I’m glad they’re willing to share.


I have an email folder that I place interesting articles I’ve come across. So I thought I’d share. The majority may not grab your attention. And don’t assume I’ve read, listened, or watched these beginning to end. I have only skimmed most of these. You never know, there could be one thing in this list that really makes a difference.


And if you come across something that matters to you, it is likely to matter to someone else. So, share.



[—] Interview about strange dynamics of cross-cultural missions in a Facebook world.
[—] Do we still need seminaries?
[—] Podcast on Missional Imagination: Unleashing & Mobilizing the People.
[—] Working out the Anabaptist view on same-sex marriage.
[—] Ten books on relational evangelism.
[—] What is relational evangelism?
[—] The nature of heresy creep.
[—] Being a pastor does not have to be a death sentence.
[—] Parents, sports, and church.
[—] Roger Olson on everyday theology in a Facebook world.
[—] April edition of Leader’s Edge book summaries.
[—] Science as praise.
[—] Eight game-changers observed at Missio Alliance.
[—] Just how Stressed are Missionaries (and what can we do about it)?
[—] Needed: Mere Christians.
[—] Leo Bebb’s call to love by Frederick Buechner.


[—] Video of city science: why urbanization fuels innovation.
[—] Being gay at Jerry Falwell’s university.
[—] Society figuring out what is socially acceptable smartphone etiquette.
[—] Participation is the new excellence.


[—] Mark up web pages and save them for later research.
[—] Which learning methods actually work?
[—] Are you ready for a crisis?
[—] Visual representation of the GTD Weekly Review.
[—] Ten questions for leaders to ask themselves.
[—] The Life of Jack London as a Case Study in the Power and Perils of Thumos — #10.
[—] Every man’s call to defiant gratefulness.
[—] An attack plan for getting out of the doldrums.
[—] A review of a wristband activity tracking device.
[—] The absolute secret to goal-setting.
[—] How to hold accountable conversations.
[—] Decluttering & kids: inspiring kids to live simply.
[—] Good News! Your Life Isn’t Limitless!
[—] Man’s search for meaning (rare clip of Frankl).
[—] Ten fun ways to liven up any presentations seminar.


[—] Video of human chair scare prank.
[—] Classy online invitations and greeting cards.