I have been in Colorado Springs over the weekend attending the Home Assignment Ministry Seminar or HAMS. Beyond giving us a chance to add another acronym to our growing list in the Alliance, it is the re-entry training for our missionaries, International Workers as we term them now, who have come back to the states after four years overseas. There are around 100 International Workers (IW’s) here, who will tour the US over the next 12 months, speaking about the world-wide work of the Alliance. Two of our own couples from the Midwest District, Joe and Andrea and Todd and Karen, are among those returning. They will be touring our district churches the first part of next year.


David and Marina Riemenschneider were invited to be seminar speakers at HAMS. They have been presenting an overview of “Our Triumphant God” in the book of Revelation. A portion of one of their sessions was a challenge from the letter to the church in Laodicea. This is the infamous lukewarm church, condemned for boasting in self-sufficiency.
The challenge was presented as a personal evaluation of lukewarmness.


I know I may be getting lukewarm if…

  1. I know I may be getting lukewarm if I utilize the most productive times of my day for our to-do list rather than to encounter God in prayer and love his word. How am I spending the most productive times of my day?
  2. I know I may be getting lukewarm if I claim to be living the spirit-filled life, but there is an absence of the fruit of the Spirit. Am I a loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, self-controlled person?
  3. I know I may be getting lukewarm if I give more time to entertain myself with sports, news, or movies than growing my relationship with Jesus measured by the time I spend in the spiritual disciplines. When was the last time I fasted, served, was intentionally silent, journaled, or prayed?
  4. I know I may be getting lukewarm if I am submitting my mind to literature and media that normalize sexual immorality of violence which degrades the sacredness of human life. What sin have I begun to normalize or be desensitized to?
  5. I know I may be getting lukewarm if my tongue articulates critical attitudes, backbiting, and gossip even though I am redeemed for purity and unwholesome talk in my conservation. Is my speech, as a redeemed-one, much different from the unredeemed?
  6. I know I may be getting lukewarm if my co-workers don’t really like to be around me much because I am too focused on my pet issues, and not on loving God or loving them. Do people want to be around me?
  7. I know I may be getting lukewarm if I make excuses when I receive Holy Spirit nudges. If I rarely find myself praying that desperate prayer “Lord, this is too big for me. Help! I can’t do this without you.” Am I quick to obey or do I make excuses when God prompts obedience?


Revelation is such a good text for recalibrating our perspective upon what is really important. God is at work in the world. He will sift out good and evil. Everything right and pleasing will triumph. This is where history is heading. Are you cultivating a life suited for the kingdom to come? The life you are living is determining your place and participation in what God is preparing.

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