The phone call was disappointing. A project that I thought was heading in the right direction, suddenly changed. It was the type of news that clouds everything. I started taking an inventory of everything I was working on and involved with and it all had a hopeless tinge. Questions started scrolling in my mind like – What am I doing right? What is going well? Where am I actually having an impact?

Do you ever get so disappointed by something, you question whether anything you are doing is going right? One piece of news engulfs everything else. Although in your head you know this is not reality, it sure feels real.

A few moments after the disappointing phone call, I was in seat 28F, mindlessly staring out the window. Wispy clouds were passing underneath, when I had an epiphany. A bunch of thoughts streamed into my head, like a thumb-drive loading files onto a computer. It was a flash of insight that removed the gloominess that draped my mind.

The epiphany was meteorological. As I watched the different shapes of the clouds, I thought about the variety of all the clouds in the sky, the molecules that individually composed them, and the constant restructuring of those molecules. Clouds are ephemeral suckers. They’re constantly changing. This is happening above the surface of the earth, almost 200 million square miles, all the time! In different parts of the world the weather is different, at the same time. It may be rainy, just cloudy, snowy, or blue sky.

What really struck me was the thought that throughout history there has probably never been two days on the earth with the same cloud patterns and weather conditions. Think of all that variety. Think of all the meteorologists employed to provide forecasts. And their poor predictions are a standing joke. The ability of God to orchestrate this kind of variety blew my mind.

That’s the insight that cleared my mind. God is in control of every molecule, on a scale that my teeny mind cannot compute. Sometimes they come together to form a rain storm. Sometimes they come together to form wispy clouds. No matter, it’s still my Father’s world. Who am I to think I can control disappointing phone calls or anything else happening in my life? Things happen at a scale I cannot appreciate. God has presented me with just one necessity: trust he can handle it all.

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