Clarity is an amazingly good word. Just saying it makes me feel like I brushed my teeth. Did you say it? You’re smiling aren’t you? It’s a crisp word. It  sounds clean and clear.

However, I would guess clarity eludes most of you. It is arguably the most valuable quality you could possess. If you don’t have it, how can you get it?

When I think of clarity I go to the story of Jesus visiting Martha and Mary. Martha was distracted by her many tasks Luke 10:40 says. Jesus, I imagine in a warm tone, names Martha’s worry and distraction and says, “There is need of only one thing.” He doesn’t directly say what the one thing is, but he draws attention to Martha’s lack of clarity. The story ends with Jesus’ clarifying statement. Whether Martha replied isn’t told. Nothing is said about the rest of the afternoon. I imagine it was peaceful and relaxing. Such is the power of clarity.

Are you clear about what you are to be doing? Here is one question that can help you gain uncommon clarity: What is it that you are trying to do? The same question asked another way would be What is it for? The it could be a lot of things. What is your role for? What is your event for? What is your meeting for? What is your ministry for? Whatever it is, clarity appears when purpose is defined. What do you want to see happen? What are you wanting it to accomplish?

  • What are you trying to do in your role?
  • What are you trying to do at this event?
  • What are you trying to do from this meeting?
  • What are you trying to do inside this ministry?

Let’s apply this to Jesus’ visit to Mary and Martha’s. What was that time for? Both knew they were to host a special guest. Mary did that by sitting down with Jesus. Martha did it by preparing a meal for Jesus. For Jesus, he must have just wanted to spend time with friends. It wasn’t that fixing food was a bad thing, definitely not sinful. It just wasn’t appropriate for the purpose of Jesus’ visit. Perhaps a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would have fit the bill. But spending all afternoon in the kitchen would have been inappropriate.

Clarity comes when you know what it is that you are trying to do.

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