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In your role what is the hardest part? What is the hardest aspect of the project you are working on right now?


People rafting on a class V river know what the hard part is: the rapids. They dress for them. They brace themselves as they approach. Their attention and focus peaks as they enter the rapids.


A person running a marathon knows what the hard part is: mile 22. Or for someone, maybe it’s mile 19 or 16. For me it would be miles 3-26. In training, so I’m told, a person learns where the hard part is and devises measures to tackle it.


You are trying to make an impact, cause change, create something. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish in your role or with that project, there’s a hard part.


Here are 3 reasons I see why you need to name the hard part:


  1. You will intuitively avoid it. You gravitate toward what you love and what comes natural. Few are Renaissance Men (or Women) that can do everything start to finish. It will be natural for you to avoid the hard part by occupying yourself with something else.
  2. You will not brace yourself for it. It is called the “hard part” because it’s hard. When we encounter it by surprise it can do greater damage than if we were geared up and poised for the blow. Name the hard part and do what you need to do to get ready.
  3. You will not give it priority. Often the hard part is the important part. It is difficult because it’s significant. If you can’t name the hard part you won’t invest the attention it deserves.
There are things people accomplish that we find remarkable. We praise the achievement. We tell someone else about it. We stand in admiration. Easy things aren’t remarkable. Easy things are common. It was hard and someone still did it.


Name the hard part and do what it takes to get it done.


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