From an article by Ronnie Floyd which you can read in full here:

I believe in Pastors. To the skeptic, give Pastors a break. To the critic, Pastors are but men. To the cynic, Pastors are not what you think.

There are three reasons I believe in Pastors. Perhaps this will encourage you in some way.

1. Pastors are called by God to serve the church.

2. The office of the Pastor is a holy office.

3. Pastors are giving their lives to make a difference.

I believe in Pastors. Will you?

Yes, I have been clear: I believe in Pastors. The question now is: Will you?

If you are a Pastor: Believe in other Pastors. Encourage them. Love them. Accept them. Refuse to criticize them. Humble yourself to learn from them. Learn to rejoice with them. Weep with them. Pastors need other Pastors as friends – personal friends, not just colleagues.

If you are a church member: Love your Pastor. Accept your Pastor. Pray for your Pastor. Encourage your Pastor. Honor your Pastor. Stand with your Pastor.

My prayer is that we will all take a breath. Give each other a break. Refuse to get in the skeptic/critic/cynic lane of traffic relating to leaders today, even Pastors.

A final word of counsel: Always take the high road in your relationships in life: There is never a traffic jam there.