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Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World: A Step-By-Step Guide For Anyone With Something to Say or Sell

Author: Michael Hyatt

Publisher: Thomas Nelson, May 2012, Paperback 288 pages. Also available in Kindle format (159555503X).

ISBN: 978-0-9846643-6-8


The digital revolution has made everyone an author, film maker, and content creator. It has never been easier to get your message “out there.” But in the midst of all this noise it is also much harder to be heard. Michael Hyatt explains why you need to strategic assets: a compelling product and meaningful platform. Building off his experience as former CEO and current chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, Hyatt provides a practical step-by-step guide to being heard with an integrated twenty-first century strategy that incorporates social media.

 Best chapter

Chapter 1: Create a Compelling Product

Note: The chapters in this book are very short. There are sixty chapters in total. That makes it much harder to identify a “Best Chapter.”

The best marketing ideas combined with a well-resourced strategy cannot compensate for a mediocre product. While the majority of the book focuses on the platform, Hyatt goes out of his way to emphasize from the start that “if you don’t slam-dunk the…compelling product…you won’t win the game.” Page 2

“Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” Page 2) People have to not only like what you have to offer, they have to like it enough to tell their friends. And if they don’t, “you’re hosed.” “You can’t spend enough to overcome a lack of word-of-mouth marketing. It just won’t work.” Page 3

Too many leaders “have become content with mediocrity; we aim low and execute even lower.” Page 5

“If you want to build a platform, it’s time to get the passion back. Push one another and yourself to deliver great products that you are delighted…to offer. If you don’t, then your attempt to build a platform is doomed to failure.” Page 5

Best quotes

“Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster.” Page 2, quoting David Ogilvy

“You can’t spend enough to overcome a lack of word-of-mouth marketing. It just won’t work.” Page 3

“Being successful means becoming the expert in recognizing wow when it shows up. More importantly, it means being able to recognize it when it is absent—and insisting that you ask yourself to deliver it. Don’t settle for something less, because in doing so you are depriving your customers of the wow experience they seek—and deserve. It is the foundation of a significant platform.” Page 10

“If we are going to create wow experiences, we must become courageous. This is a personal, psychological bridge we need to cross. What we want to create—that wow experience—is on the other side of the ravine. There’s no other way to get there from here.” Page 18

“The truth is, mediocrity is natural. You don’t have to do anything to drift there. It just happens. But if you want to create truly wow experiences— and if you want to build your platform—then it is going to require courage. Are you willing to be brave?” Page 21

“Don’t listen to that mocking little voice that tells you to be more realistic. Ignore it. You can either accept reality as it is or create it as you wish it to be. This is the essence of dreaming—and thinking big.” Page 38

“If you are serious about getting your work out, you need to begin building a pit crew. Why? Because it provides three benefits: 1. Access to contacts you don’t have. 2. Leverage that maximizes your impact. 3. Freedom to focus on what you do best.” Page 51

“Perfection is the mother of procrastination.” Page 94

“As a writer, your biggest problem is obscurity, not piracy.” Page 96

“Thoughts disentangle themselves when they pass through the lips and fingertips.” Page 90

“…a tribe only has two requirements: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” Page 128, quoting Seth Godin

Best illustration

There are illustrations in this book but the focus is on practical application in every chapter. You will get a ton of ideas but not many illustrations of note.

 Best idea

“…a few summers ago, I took my wife and youngest daughter to Scotland. It was our first visit. We rented a car and spent a week touring the western Highlands…We experienced numerous wow moments on this trip…Sometime after that trip, I met with my executive team for an all-day planning meeting. As we began the afternoon session, I asked them to think of one of the most powerful wow moments they had experienced in their lives. Then I asked each person to share the experience…

Next I asked the group to try to identify the common attributes in each of these experiences. Here’s the list we created. Every wow experience has some combination of the following ten elements: surprise, anticipation, resonance, transcendence, clarity, presence, universality, evangelism (need to be shared), longevity, privilege.” Page 8

 Best take away

While the focus for this book is on how individuals get heard amidst the noise there are many transferable principles for organizations. This is a handbook for any leader serious about communicating with a wider audience. If you believe in your cause, if it is worthy of devoting your life to, it is important enough to communicate to a wider audience. This book will show you how.


Read this with your communications team and identify the chapters most relevant for your context. Then hold each other accountable for applying the ideas. If you are a blogger or are considering starting a blog you have to read chapters 20-29 of this book.


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