Have you ever written a poem or song lyrics? Maybe you’ve read the process a writer goes through crafting a verse. She is exacting as she structures each sentence. Word choice is made fastidiously. The meter and rhythm of the syllables is carefully set.

Do you realize the good you will do in the coming year has been chosen for you in the same way? Ephesians 2:10 states we are God’s workmanship. The picture behind the word workmanship is that of carefully crafted artistry. The good you will do has been selected in the same way a poet decides an appropriate word.

Even more remarkable than the precision of our good works is the preparation. The end of that verse in Ephesians states God has prepared all the good we will do ahead of time. The NIV uses the phrase “prepared in advance”. The advance-ness of the whole thing blows my mind. It has the making of a great sci-fi story.

Enter each day of the year with the confidence of the precision and conscious of the preparation involved in God’s workmanship.

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