The New Year gives everyone the feeling of beginnings. It has the sense of a blank slate. We believe in new possibilities for various areas of our lives. It is the sensation of a new start.

I hate to burst you bubble, but you’re mistaken. The only thing that is new is the date. All the issues and circumstances from last year have not disappeared. This goes for the good and the bad. The winning streak you may have been on has not disappeared. And the headwind you may have been charging has not suddenly died down.

The question to ask yourself at any point in the year, but especially at the New Year is What season am I in?

Are you in a season of development or stabilization? Is it harvest season or planting season? This may be the season to bet the farm. You know you need to do something bold and take a calculated risk. It all depends what season you are in.

Asking yourself what season you are in is only the assessment. The hard work begins as you decide what that means for you and your team. What do you need to do? What kind of prayers do you need to pray? What needs to change? What needs to stop? Who do I need to go to for help?

There is certain activities for every season. Ecclesiastes 3:1, says “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” But you must know what season you are in.

There’s more to help you think about this here and here.

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