Describing the difference between ourselves and God, we sometimes insert an adverb such as “a lot” or “much”. We say, “God is a lot smarter than we are” or “God is much kinder.” We think a point is being made with qualifications like that. However, it only reveals a damaged grasp of God.

The difference is he is infinite and you are finite. Because it is impossible to grasp the truth of an infinite God, it would seem there are times we stop considering it at all. And it’s our language that betrays us.

Jesus was careful with his words when explaining the goodness of God and how giving he is. He acknowledged that people have a capacity “to give good gifts” (Mt 7:11). But he is careful not to say something like, “God is a lot more giving” or “God is much more generous”. He asks a rhetorical question: “How much more will your Father in heaven give….” It leaves room for the truth. How much more? Infinitely more!

You would never say God is a little kinder, a little better, or a little smarter than you are; but when the infinite difference between you and God is forgotten, you might as well.

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