I have celebrated the resources provided by MissioNexus many times on this blog. They provide some of the best book summaries on the web. You can visit their website here. Access for individuals starts at under $30.

Another stellar resource they produce are monthly videos they call Learning @ the Speed of Life. This month’s video is on the topic of spiritual leadership. This type of leadership is in contrast to institutional leadership, which is the influence a leader may have because they have the power to “promote, demote or terminate an employee.”

Spiritual leaders may believe they have some modicum of institutional leadership, because of a position held within an organization, whether that organization is a local church, nonprofit, denomination, etc. However, as Steve Moore, the president of MissioNexus, explains, spiritual leadership only comes from spiritual authority; and spiritual authority (the kind that really has any influence) has nothing to do with position.

He submits spiritual authority is made of three components:

  1. Sharing spiritual experiences (authenticity about the status, shaping, and struggles of one’s relationship with God)
  2. Modeling godly character over time (what people have seen and shared about your Christ-like behavior)
  3. Serving with gifted power (what people have experienced of God working through a leader)

Why I say to lead with spiritual authority tomorrow, one must start yesterday, is Moore says there is nothing a leader can do in the moment to get it.

If this topic is of interest, you can watch the video for yourself here.