You Don't Know

There was a study conducted that looked at the connection between people’s knowledge of a subject and their opinion about it. It has been termed the Dunning-Kruger Effect (I guess those were the researchers on this study). They found that the less a person knew about something the stronger their opinion became. The dumber a person was about a topic the more entrenched their stance.

We see the Dunning-Kruger Effect in action all the time. Very strong opinions get bantered about politics, money, family, love, church, God, etc. The truth is we know very little about life, how God works, and how life works in his kingdom. We should be quick to acknowledge how much we don’t know. We don’t know what we don’t know. We become entrenched in trajectories that not only majorly impact this life, but have eternal impact.

Jesus had to deal with this. People would spout such strong opinions about how God works and about what God wants. At one point, I imagine in exasperation, he said, “Look beneath the surface so you can judge correctly” (John 7:24, NLT). Go beyond what you think. Imagine there’s more than what you can see. Don’t stop at just what you hear. Forming judgments from your feelings is pretty insular.

What are you looking at? Is it possible there’s more beneath the surface? Being willing to acknowledge you don’t know what you don’t know, is a great way to buck the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

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