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Last week I submitted 7 things you can do to get better. This week I’d like to offer 7 more things. This idea about getting better started here.

I like thinking about these things from this standpoint, because it takes a lot of pressure off. The focus is getting better, not being the best. Even if what we are looking at is a mess, making it a better seems possible. Cleaning up the whole thing to perfection can sometimes seem impossible. So this is all about asking how we can simply move the needle.

1. Better clarify the vision

Vision is sight. Sight is limited. Have you ever considered what a blessing the curvature of the earth is? If the world was flat there would be more distractions. What is visible now is enough to get fixated on or overwhelmed by.

I think vision for the future works the same way. You may want to see it all, but vision is limited. You aren’t meant to see it all or make it all happen. That is why you need to better clarify the vision. What are the two or three things you want to see?

2. Better articulate the values

We always do what we value. You are living your values. There is a hierarchy of values that must be articulated. Many value exercise, but value an extra hour of sleep more. Many value a slender-shaped body, but value the taste of french fries and milk shakes more. Thus, exercise and trim waists become wishes, not values.

What is being lived out better articulates core values. What are you actually doing? It isn’t always a fun question to answer. But articulating values in this way roots what is happening in reality. You have to decide where you want to spend your energy – in reality or on wishes.

3. Better define the win

What are you trying to do? How are you doing do at it? How is your team doing? Are the expectations crystal clear? How do you know?

4. Better identify the purpose

What is REALLY important? Why is it important? What does your organization REALLY stand for? What difference do we make? If someone called and woke you in the middle of the night and asked those questions, what would your answer be? If you don’t know, you need to better identify the purpose.

What percentage of your time today was spent on REALLY important things? What if you improved that by 10%? What kind of difference could you be making if you did?

5. Ask better questions

What are the better questions? The better questions are always the right questions for the moment. What is the question that, if you had the answer, would make the difference?

6. Better control your schedule

When was the last time you evaluated your schedule? If you had a list of all your commitments in front of you, are there any that you wish you would have said no to? Similarly, there are things you wish you had time for, but can’t find the time. If you can’t find the time, try scheduling it.

7. Better Adapt to Change

You’re probably familiar with the bell curve that follows innovators to laggards. If not, just google the previous sentence. Everyone has some sort of change bias. There are “go now” types, “go slow” types, and “no go” types. What is the best position to take? It depends.

It depends on what God is doing. The focus is to better adapt to change prompted by the Spirit. Galatians 5:25 says we are to “keep in step with the Spirit.” Things are always changing, because the Spirit is always moving. To better adapt to change, better stay with the Spirit. You don’t want to be a presumptuous innovator that is ahead of the Spirit. You don’t want to be a panicky laggard that is behind, either. But know that keeping step means moving, and moving means change.

Where could you start getting better right now?

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