What is the first thing that catches your eye in the image above? It’s the black dot, right? Why do we not mention all the white? It is the majority of the space after all.

I think this is illustrative of what naturally gets our attention. If the black dot represents criticism, a negative comment, an unkind act, or what went wrong—that’s what is noticed. It may be surrounded by affirmations, compliments, and overall success; but the black dot has disproportionate power over all else.

You are probably experiencing the disproportionate power of the black dot in some way today. Something someone said is gnawing at you. You can’t get what that person did out of your mind. You can’t get over how that thing went wrong. 

What do you do about it?

One thing you can do is put it in proportion. Often the black dots are in a sea of white. Why dwell on one mark, when there is so much other space to put your attention? 

Bearing the Sting by A.B. Simpson
Critics Math by Jon Acuff

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