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The Deeper Life: Satisfying the 8 Vital Longings of Your Soul

Author: Daniel Henderson

Publisher: Bloomington, MN: Bethany House Publishers, 2014, 272 pages. ISBN: 978-0764211775

Also available in Kindle  format (B00DWA698C).


Here is a book that shows you how to truly discover the answers to life’s core questions and live them out in your thoughts, words, and actions. Henderson shares the principles and practices that are vital to a transformed life. He explains the longings that resonate in our souls–such as wanting to know God more fully, to know ourselves better, to spend our time on things that matter–and shows how to systematically apply them to daily decisions and even long-term goals. This gospel-oriented, Spirit-empowered approach will touch every part of your life.

 Best chapter

Chapter 8: How Will I Finish?

“In the end, a deeper life must be a life deposited into the fertile soil of eternal souls through the transforming seeds of truth. Integrity is a priority for every life. Integrity invested in others is priceless in every generation. A legacy is an eternally significant investment of one’s life in the lives of others. Legacy allows each of us to ‘outlive our life’ and leave behind a testimony of worship, integrity, and nonconformity in this world.” Kindle location 2247

“John Maxwell has noted, ‘Success is when the people who know you best respect you the most.’ A reputation of accomplishment can often be a house of cards. Real success is the legacy we have deposited in the hearts of those closest to us in this life.” Kindle location 2364

“Jesus did not tell us to ‘figure it out.’ He simply said, ‘Follow me.’ As we follow Jesus, we are compelled to live untethered from the world’s definitions of success. When our impact is forged by walking in the ways of the Savior, it will cost us. The price will be felt in our surrender to God and our sacrifice for others. As one friend says, ‘It does cost to follow Jesus Christ. But it costs even more not to follow Him.’ One of the things not following will cost us is a legacy.” Kindle location 2391

Best quotes

“Worship is the ultimate foundation and passion that overcomes the devil. Integrity is the commitment that provides victory over the flesh. Nonconformity is our triumphant, transcendent response to the temptations and trials of a fallen world.” Kindle location 267

“A. W. Tozer says it this way, ‘God and man exist for each other and neither is satisfied without the other.’” Kindle location 478

“God, in His perfection, has provided a personal indwelling tutor. The Holy Spirit is the very presence of God, illumining our minds and guiding our hearts to a transformational understanding and application of who He is.” Kindle location 533

“God wants you to know Him even more than you want to know Him. When you make that commitment, by His resident power, knowledge, and wisdom, He will teach you about himself.” Kindle location 537

“Deuteronomy 6:4–9 says that certain revealed truths should be placed in front of our eyes, on our wrists, taught to our children, and written on our doorposts. Why? Because this information is to be worked into the fabric of our lives.” Kindle location 553

“Man is created with a spiritual capacity. Eternity is in our hearts. Deep within we are aware of realities beyond this physical life. We have a God-given yearning for something more.” Kindle location 651

“A deeper, thoughtful, intentional life flows from understanding who God is and then understanding who you are in Christ. A confident expression of one’s identity is found in knowing—a secure knowing that is based on truth. This is the only sure foundation for a life of lasting integrity.” Kindle location 876

“He alone can provide the satisfaction you seek. He can set you free from the drumbeat of this world, free from the influence and expectations of other people. He can provide freedom from your burden of stress as you get to know Him and know who you are in Him. Whether or not your phone surfs while you talk is secondary.” Kindle location 916

“A meaningful life requires purpose. This is true of groups, societies, churches, families, relationships, and individuals. ‘History shows,’ voiced one observer, ‘that the value of life decreases and the quality of existence diminishes when a generation loses its sense of destiny and purpose.’” Kindle location 947

“Today’s society is confused and without direction. Students enter college looking for direction but quickly get discouraged and frustrated. There are now vast numbers of universities where the four-year graduation rate is less than 30 percent. Young people are entering the job market not knowing what career to choose or which path to follow. Adults, too, lack focus. The solution ultimately has to do with the question of purpose. When you know that, you know your direction.” Kindle location 968

“When it comes to values, I see two important factors. One is what I call our declared values; the other involves our demonstrated values. Declared values are what we say. Demonstrated values give evidence to what really matters by how we live. To avoid the dilemma of double-minded living and practical hypocrisy, we must come to a point where these two factors align.” Kindle location 1181

“The task before us, if we are to live an integrated, meaningful life, is to come to a place of clarity and regular application so that our declared and demonstrated values are consistent and complimentary, not contradictory.” Kindle location 1199

“A second obstacle to be aware of is an internal lack of preparation. This is where priorities are displaced by seemingly urgent things. Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower has been credited with saying, ‘The urgent is seldom important, and the important is seldom urgent.’” Kindle location 1477

“Business leaders, life coaches, and personal trainers have agreed that the essential factor in all achievement is good goals. We’ve been taught that goal-setting enables us to accomplish our dreams and fulfill our resolutions. In fact, goal-setting is described as the fuel that flames meaningful forward progress.” Kindle location 1656

“Time is a ‘stewardship’ because our lives are not our own. We tend to segment our understanding of time with labels like work time, family time, leisure time, nap time, mealtime, and the like. In reality, it is all God’s time. Since it is His, we’d better be careful what we do with it.” Kindle location 1953

“Perhaps you have read the well-known piece of prose that says, ‘I have only just a minute, only sixty seconds in it, forced upon me, can’t refuse it, but it’s up to me to use it. I must suffer if I lose it, give account if I abuse it, just a tiny little minute, but eternity is in it.’ There’s more to life than just increasing its speed.” Kindle location 1985

“Chronos is quantitative. Kairos is qualitative. The difference between these two words is the difference between a minute and a moment. A minute is measured by seconds, or by a clock. The experience and opportunity make up a moment.” Kindle location 2014

“Control your time from this biblical time-management wisdom. Instead of mastering your calendar, become a master of your opportunities.” Kindle location 2055

“Many of us are impatient with the things of God because we don’t take time for God. We fail to buy back, or redeem, these precious moments. Consequently, we fail to minister in His wisdom, will, and Spirit. We lose opportunities and don’t use time to its full advantage.” Kindle location 2106

Best illustration

“Once there were three bricklayers working together. A passerby asked each one what he was doing. The first man answered gruffly, ‘I’m laying bricks.’ The second man replied, ‘I’m putting up a wall.’ The third man said enthusiastically, ‘I’m building a great cathedral where people can encounter God, families can find refuge, and society can be served.’ A deeper life embraces the noble purposes of God for everyday life. We are not just fulfilling mundane tasks. We are not simply working on temporary projects. We are joining the God of the universe in a plan that matters for eternity.” Kindle location 1097

“Many of us have seen lion trainers at the circus. They always have whips and often a gun. I’ve never seen one without a stool. I’ve wondered if they think that little stool is going to have any deterring effect on that large lion when they point the legs toward the growling beast. Well, those who seem to know say that the animal will try to focus on all four legs at once. This results in a kind of paralysis that overwhelms the ferocious cat and it becomes tame, weak, and disabled. Its attention is fragmented. Do you have too many ‘stool legs’ in your life? I often tell church leaders that the enemy does not have to destroy us, he simply has to distract us. Too many priorities and too few truly significant commitments can discourage our hearts and dilute our influence in rapid fashion.” Kindle location 1600

 Best idea

“Success. Fulfillment. Winning. Completion. Reward. Satisfaction. These words, so common in our society, all reflect a longing in every human soul to accomplish something of significance. It is one thing to aspire to do something of worth. Dreams are free. Achievement, however, is costly.” Kindle location 1649

 Best take away

“Can you specifically and passionately articulate your mission on earth? You have one, you know. You do not need to ‘develop’ it. God already has made you to fulfill it. All you need to do is discover it, live it deeply, and complete it. As one person put it, ‘Here’s the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.’” Kindle location 1022


Do a self-inventory on your life using the eight vital longings that are true of every life on which Henderson elaborates. For the serious person of reflection, we also recommend using the eight discovery exercises that make up part two of the book.


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