I remember stressing over a next step. I was worried about making the wrong decision and where that would lead me. I was frustrated that I couldn’t see where it would all lead.


At that moment Proverbs 16:9 came to mind: “A man’s heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.” I saw the meaning as a picture of a moving walkway, like at airports. But as I was seeing it, it wasn’t laid out ahead, so you can see where it leads. More of the walkway would only appear with a new step.


The image was an immense relief to me, because, in truth, I can’t create the walkway. I can’t “devise the way.” I can take a step. But where that step leads is really being directed by God, because he is unfolding the walkway beneath my steps.


I think God wants me and you to devise the way. Steps should be taken. Plans should be made. But in all the step-taking and plan-making, it should be acknowledged that God is directing it all.


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