You will change this year! Your thinking, character, relationships, communication, and influence will all change. Whether you work at it, or not, change will happen. You may consider that a bold statement. You may wonder how I can make such a statement without knowing your situation.


You will change this year, because change is inescapable. You will change this year, but not necessarily for the better. Change is inevitable, but progress is a choice. You can’t stay where you are. Last year has passed (and all the previous years). This year will pass. You can’t stay where you are.


You will become someone else this year. The question isn’t if you want to become someone different this year. The question is who? You will arrive. The question is where? Consider these questions:
  • Where are your thoughts taking you?
  • Where are your attitudes and feelings taking you?
  • Where are your actions taking you?
  • Where are your results taking you?
Paul knew change was inevitable. He knew he couldn’t stay where he was. He made a conscious choice to continually forget what was passing (Phil. 3:13). He also chose whom he would become. He wanted to gain Christ and be found in him (Phil. 3:8-9). He knew where he wanted to arrive. He was going “toward the goal to win the prize” (Phil. 3:14).


You are the one to decide how you will change. You decide whether to go toward the goal or whether you will miss the mark.
  • What kind of thinking will you decide to have?
  • What kind of priorities will you decide to set?
  • What kind of mentors will you decide to seek?
  • What kind of teaching will you decide to hear?
  • What kind of resources will you decide to find?
  • What kind of relationships will you decide to make?
What decisions do you need to make to become the person you want to be?
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