I believe there are two needs Jesus had that we should consider as needs for ourselves. If Jesus needed these things, how much more should we need these things?

First, Jesus needed to pray. We know Jesus prayed often (Luke 5:16), but did he need to pray? His unpredictable schedule didn’t avert his habit of prayer. Early in the Gospel of Mark he wrote how Jesus worked late into the night (1:32), but still “got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed” (1:35). Why did Jesus need to pray? He was perfect, so he didn’t have any sin to confess. He could turn water into wine and multiply bread, so did he have any physical needs to pray about? What was the purpose of Jesus’ prayers?

I don’t believe he was more supernatural than human. In fact, I believe Scripture teaches he totally let go of his divinity while ministering on earth (Phil. 2:6-7). So he had plenty to pray about. For example, he needed wisdom in choosing those he would invest in (Luke 6:12-13) and ideas for what to teach them next (Luke 9:18). More than anything though, I believe Jesus prayed because he needed the relationship with God. There was an intimacy with the Father that Jesus tapped into in prayer. If Jesus needed to pray, how much more is it a need for us?

Second, Jesus needed friends. Jesus turned away from the crowds and turned toward his friends (Matt. 13:36). Jesus’ goal of his work with the disciples seemed to be making them his friends (John 15:15). If Jesus saw the need and made the investment in building close relationships during his time here on earth, how much more do we need friends?

What Jesus needed was relationship. First, he needed the relationship with his heavenly Father and, second, with close friends around him. If Jesus recognized these needs, how much more should we recognize these as necessities for ourselves?

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