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Accessing their services just for the book summaries is well worth the cost. Below is a sample from the April edition of Leader’s Edge Book Summary of Pray for the World published by IVP. Each book summary includes the content of the book by category of:

  • Best chapter
  • Best quotes
  • Best illustration
  • Best idea
  • Best take away
  • Recommendation



Pray for the World

Editorial advisor: Molly Wall

Published by IVP Books, Downers Grove, 2015, 331 pages. (ISBN: 978-0-8308-3686-4)

Available in Kindle format. (ASIN: B00VEMNO6K)


Pray for the World is an abridged and simplified paperback version of the 2010 edition of Operation World. The maps and key data are still there, but this streamlined volume is only 300 pages long and more easily used as a resource for prayer and mobilization. It is chock full of facts and figures making it an excellent reference book. But its main intent is to get Christians to pray for the world in an informed way. Thus the reason we put the book in the spiritual formation category.

 Best chapter

As a country-by-country resource, there is no best chapter. Best chapter would be determined by the personal interest of the reader.

Best quotes

“The amazing harvest of new believers continues across Africa, Asia and Latin America. By contrast the Church grows very slowly or even declines in the rest of the world. Although sometimes small in number, or away from public view, Christians now live and fellowship inside every country. World missions, migration, and globalization all spread the church. It is not a European ‘white man’s religion,’ but a global faith for all peoples. The majority of Christians today are Africans, Asians, and Latin Americans.” Page 2

“Evangelical Christianity grew faster than any other world religion or global religious movement. Most of this growth happened through local movements, in places where the evangelical church was new. Evangelicals numbered 89 million (2.5% of the world’s population) in 1960, but by 2010 they were 546 million (7.9%)! Much of this growth was by conversion, not just by birth rates. The Church grows in lands where past or present persecution of Christians is quite strong.” Page 2

“Pentecostals and other charismatic movements grew beyond expectation… The charismatic renewal movement has touched many parts of the church, in thousands of denominations, in nearly every country! Every movement has flaws, but charismatic renewal has revived or renewed the faith of almost half a billion people.” Page 2

Many of the world’s least-reached peoples received the good news! In many cases, peoples with no known believers 10 or 20 years ago now have church that grow and thrive!… Praise God that doors opened and people responded to the gospel within hundreds of people groups–even some groups once considered impossible to reach!” Page 2

“God’s people joined to pray in greater numbers, with greater focus, than ever before! Grassroots movements on the local, national, and international levels pray for their communities, for countries and people groups, and for important global issues.” Page 2

“Aid, development, and charity work increased around the globe through the 1980’s and 1990’s and into this decade… Ministries that care for the needy, and that brings justice for the oppressed, reflects both the heart of God and the commands of Scripture. It also opens many doors to the gospel message.” Page 3

“The globalization of the Great Commission movement changed the face of missions. Many nations in Asia, Africa, and Latin America have mission-sending movements. The Majority World nations together already send more missionaries than Western countries. This exciting 21st century reality also introduces unique challenges… Praise God for a global mission force that is more multi-cultural and multi-national than ever before!” Page 3

“The Church must find new ways of training, sending, and supporting missionaries, especially non-Western workers. Traditional Protestant mission agencies will continue to serve the global movement, but changes in global politics and economics require new models and patterns of mission work.” Page 3

“Areas that appear in the news because of tragedies or conflict often become the focus of intense prayer and related mission efforts. In the past 20 years, more Muslims than ever before came to Christ, and more workers serve in Muslim heartlands.” Page 3

“God uses many tools to minister to both believers and non-believers (personal witness, literature, Scripture translation, Christian audio resources, TV, internet and many more). Pray that the new combined ministry efforts…might greatly increase the opportunity for non-Christians to hear the gospel and respond! Yet, even with all this activity, probably 24-27% of the world’s population have not had the good news presented to them in a way they could understand and receive.” Page 3

Due to the nature of the book, Best Illustration, Idea and Take Away was not used for this summary.


The book is highly recommended for personal or group prayer and reflection times. It can serve as a quick reference for country-by-country state of world evangelism. Consider using it to enhance your mission agency or local church prayer times.

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