1 Ounce


A One Ounce Mindset

I love the meme that has a couple embracing, while blowing party favors, that reads, “Here’s to pretending that anything changes when the year does.”

I read a tweet that said their New Year’s Resolution was to catch up on resolutions from 2012-2015.

I’ve never been a big resolutions person. I’m not against them. It’s more a hedge against my fickleness. Why set myself up for defeat, eh?

Whether you feel the turn of the calendar is just another day, haven’t made good on previous resolutions, or avoid them altogether, it is hard to avoid the discussion of change that people engage in each New Year.

What is your mindset regarding resolutions?

I was listening to an old Zig Ziglar speech. In passing, he mentioned a goal he had of losing weight. I don’t remember how much he lost. What I do remember is he said he lost an average of 1.9 ounces per day.

He didn’t lose exactly that amount every day. Some days it was more, some less. But whatever plan he had, compounded to reach his goal.

Something clicked with me when he broke it down to that daily amount.

It highlights how it’s the little decisions that add up.

Ziglar didn’t exercise six hours a day for two weeks or fast for a month. He made a thousand little choices that had an accumulative effect.

If you were told you need to drop twenty pounds this year, you might imagine intense exercise regimens in your future. Or you might foresee severe dietary changes.

But if you were told you need to lose an ounce a day this year, somehow that would seem doable, right?

Surprisingly, the total would be the same (actually, an ounce a day for a year is almost 23 pounds.)

I’ve been thinking in ounces lately.

I have been applying this one ounce mindset, the effect of little choices, to other areas of my life.

I had gotten away from tucking the younger girls into bed at night. It was something which I was consistent with the older two, but I had gotten out of the routine and abdicated bedtime responsibilities to Jamie with the younger two.

I know the accumulative impact that small interaction has had, so I have revived that ritual. Please ask me if I’m keeping at it.

This one ounce mindset can be applied to a variety of situations and relationships.

It can be applied to Scripture memorization, investing in your spouse’s love language, calling relatives you’ve lost touch with, tucking a note into a child’s book bag, tackling that stack of books, writing a hand-written note to a guest, or a thousand other areas.

The small, daily investments add up.

If you’ve never been big on resolutions or lofty New Year’s goals never seem to pan out, maybe thinking small is worth a try.

Little choices over a long period of time can have a big impact.

Don’t be fooled into thinking big goals are the only legitimate ones.

Adding consistency and time to the tiniest of decisions will produce results.

What area in your life can you apply a one ounce mindset to reach your goal?

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