Allowing it to drift away

My oldest daughter gave me a drone for Christmas. It even has a camera on it. I spent Christmas day and several days after, jumping neighbor’s fences chasing after it. My problem wasn’t managing the controls. My problem was allowing it to drift away. I loved seeing how high I could fly it, not realizing the wind was controlling it, not my remote control.

Almost always unintended & imperceptible

Drifting is almost always unintended and imperceptible. We see this in life, too. When life drifts off course it is almost always unintended and imperceptible. In hindsight it is possible to pinpoint where things got out of control or went off course, but wouldn’t you say a good way to describe a life gone wrong is They just drifted away?

Pay more careful attention

I have thought about the warning in the Bible about drifting recently. It says in Hebrews 2:1, “We must pay more careful attention, therefore, to what we have heard, so that we do not drift away.” Well, what have we heard? The announcement of God’s great salvation in Jesus. In fact, that’s the next question that is asked in verse 3, “How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation?” I see in that question an antidote to drifting.

Plenty of room

I was reminded recently the Hebrew word behind our English word salvation (yasha) means to open wide or free.(1) It is the picture of creating an area with plenty of room to step into (think parting of the Red Sea). We confine salvation to the narrowness of a person avoiding hell and giving them a promised heaven. That is just a sliver of salvation.

The salvation God is working

God wants to save the entire creation! God is winning a war against dark principalities and evil powers. God is working in all history and space to bring about the ultimate recapitulation of all that has ever been created. Assemble all the synonyms for salvation found in both Testaments and we’ve only scratched the surface of such a great salvation that the Trinity is working.

Mind-blowingly, great salvation

Peter wrote about angels longing to look into salvation (1 Pet 1:12) That is how mind-blowingly great salvation is! There is salvation we have already tasted, being freed from sins penalty and power, but there is a salvation we have yet to received, too. There is an already/not yet aspect to salvation. I would submit that the individual aspect is such a small part of the salvation God is working. Salvation is personal, but it is galactic as well!

Making it hard to drift away

It is hard to ignore salvation when you think about how great it is in this way. It is hard to drift away when you think about what is at stake and what is involved in such a great salvation. Be glad that salvation included your sins and soul, but what can keep your attention is realizing God’s salvation is greater than just you. It’s harder to drift from something so great.


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