Attractive examples

Every year our senior high youth put on a dinner theater production to raise money for trips. Our community room is turned into a restaurant and the kids become waiters and waitresses. A multi-course dinner is served to friends and family who attend. The evening is capped with entertaining skits performed by the kids. Everyone goes home full of food and laughter.

Many kids do not have families part of the church. Often this dinner is the first time their parents have been in the church. As I sat watching the skits, surrounded by these parents laughing hysterically, I wondered if they wished they were part of this community.

I realized this was not just a fund-raiser. These parents were being exposed to an attractive faith-community. I imagined they wished this community was their community.

In this sense, I believe in the attractional church. When others are exposed to gathered believers, it should elicit a holy envy in others. Our community life should be so attractive that others want what we have for themselves.

Wanting what we have

I think that is what Paul was recounting to the church in Thessalonica. “You saw our lives and you wanted what we had–even the way we faced suffering! Then your lives became models for others” (see 1 Thes 1:7). They wanted the life Paul, Timothy, and Silas had.

Is it possible the level of evangelism we are witnessing is a reflection on the quality of our own community? Consider this question: Do others want what we have?

What if our faith was so winsome and unflagging that evangelism resulted from others asking how they could have that kind of faith themselves? What if our church was so joyous and our friendships so devoted that others said That’s the kind of life I want!

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