Alliance Espresso is your weekly shot of mission perspective from the Midwest District office.

Alliance Espresso is your weekly shot of mission perspective from the Midwest District office.

The mandate

Jesus’ final mandate was to makes disciples of all the nations baptizing them (identifying with God’s character and authority) and teaching them to observe (not just to know) everything he commanded. There is nothing in this mandate about what to believe. This mandate defines who Jesus’ followers are to be and what they are to do.

Will be accomplished

We do not have to wonder or worry about whether this mandate will be accomplished. The future was graciously unveiled to the last of the original disciples this mandate was spoken to. In Revelation 7:9, John was given a glimpse of a “great multitude” that was “from every nation”. Disciples from all the nations will follow Jesus!

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3 Reminders

Below are 3 things we need to constantly remind ourselves, and those we lead, about the global Church. These come from Max Wilkins, CEO of The Mission Society. Feel free to print these out and distribute them to your missions team or, even, copy and paste them in your own newsletter, email, or bulletin.

 1. The church is growing

The reports of the imminent death of the church are greatly exaggerated. While it is true that a few places in the world are experiencing an increasingly secular society, globally the Church is not only the largest faith expression (representing 2.2 billion people or 31.5 percent of the world’s population), it also continues to grow. Most experts believe the church will approach three billion adherents by the year 2050.

2. The center is moving south and east

For most of its history, the center of Christianity has moved west and north. The church saw great expansion in Europe and later in the Americas. Increasingly Christianity became associated with the western world. But over the last century a massive shift has taken place. The center of Christianity has moved to the global south and back towards the east, and lies today somewhere around the equator in West Africa.

3. Sub-Saharan Africa now has 60 times as many Christians as 100 years ago

In 1910 there were less than nine million believers in sub-Saharan Africa. Today there are well over a half BILLION! This figure represents the most explosive growth of the church in its 2,000-year history. Today, three of the nations with the highest number of Christians (Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia) are in Africa.

Remember the right question

The bottom line is, God is at work in the world! The question is not Will his mission get done? The question is How will we join him in his mission?God is at work and his mission will be accomplished. What part has he asked you to play in his mission?

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