Pull Shot

My mission

My personal mission statement is to join God’s mission in the world through the gifts he’s given me. I am presupposing a couple of things in that statement.

Jump in

First, God is already at work in the world. I simply get to jump in on the action. He has invited me to join his mission.

In your hand

Second, he has placed in my hands the way he wants me to participate. He has given me the talents, abilities, and interests for his mission. “What is in your hand?” God asked Moses. He asks the same question today.

It is all grace

That means it’s all grace, not me. And it means I will participate in a particular way. I don’t have to do it all. I simply get to do my part.

God is at work

I trust you are convinced God is at work in the world. Last week I shared three things about the global church that are reminders of how God is at work in the world. I want to share three more.

He want you to join him

If you are convinced that God is at work, on mission, in the world, I trust you also know he wants you to join him. It’s actually his only strategy for accomplishing his mission – people joining him in his work.

What is your part?

If you are convinced he has invited you to join him, what part has he asked you to play? He has put something particular in your hands. It’s in your hands, because he wants you to join him.

3 [more] reminders

Below are 3 things we need to constantly remind ourselves, and those we lead, about the global Church. These come from Max Wilkins, CEO of The Mission Society. Feel free to print these out and distribute them to your missions team or, even, copy and paste them in your own newsletter, email, or bulletin.

 1. The world is joining the missionary movement

Largely comprised of workers from European and North American countries, today the global missionary force is made up increasingly of people from emerging Christian nations. South Korea, Nigeria, Ghana, the Philippines, and even China are just a few of the nations in the global south and east who are actively sending out missionaries. Many of these missionaries are serving in Europe and North America. Indeed, a church of 30,000 in Kiev, four of the largest churches in London, and one of the largest in New York City are all pastored by Nigerian missionary pastors!

2. Pentecostalism is becoming the majority expression of the Christian faith

In 1900 there were virtually no Pentecostal Christians in the world. By 1980, six percent of the world’s Christians were a part of the movement. Today it is estimated that more than one in four believers worldwide identify as Pentecostals, and they are adding 35,000 believers a day!

3. Movements to Jesus are growing among Muslims and other faiths

Large numbers of Muslims are reporting visions and dreams in which Jesus speaks to them. Many are seeking (and finding) a relationship with Jesus as Savior among their own people and within their own culture. Jesus movements are also growing among Hindu and Buddhist communities. The church is growing as these Christ followers are discovering faith expressions that are Jesus centered, yet culturally relevant to their own context. Beautiful new expressions of the church are growing up in these “insider” movements.

Remember the right question

The bottom line is, God is at work in the world! The question is not Will his mission get done? The question is How will we join him in his mission?God is at work and his mission will be accomplished. What part has he asked you to play in his mission?

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