If what you are doing is not becoming easier, you need to evaluate how well you are utilizing your most important tool.

If what you are doing is not becoming easier, you need to evaluate how well you are utilizing your most important tool.

Thrilled to share

Moses was told the in-laws were coming in town. Moses must have been thrilled to share with his father-in-law, Jethro, everything that had happened. The last time Jethro had been with his son-in-law, he was a fugitive. Now, he was the head-honcho of an entire tribe. Moses must have been beaming when Jethro delighted in the turn of events (Exodus 18:9). Jethro must have been relieved his daughter and grand-kids would finally be provided for.

This isn’t good

But then Jethro saw his son-in-law on the job. He knew the way Moses was going about it, he wasn’t going to be around for his family very long. Moses was working daybreak to nightfall. Jethro’s question was, “What is this you are doing for the people?” (Exodus 18:14) I don’t think that question says everything that Jethro was thinking. He was not impressed with Moses’ new occupation. Exodus 18:17 sums up Jethro’s opinion: “What you are doing is not good.”

A lighter load

Is your load heavy? Is the strain of ministry weighing you down? Maybe you need to hear the advice Jethro gave his son-in-law. He told Moses, “Make your load lighter by sharing the work.” The term we typically use is delegation. Could it be that God wants your load lighter?

First is priority

I would submit two reasons this is precisely what God wants. The first is priority. God wants you focusing on what is most important. This is what Jethro told Moses. He recognized Moses didn’t have time for his most important work. “You must be the people’s representatives before God and…teach them” (Exodus 18:19-20). Moses didn’t have time to pray for the people or teach them God’s ways, so they could avoid the problems they were bringing to Moses in the first place! These were to be Moses’ priority.

Second is opportunity

The second reason I see why God would want Moses to share the load is opportunity. Moses was a bottleneck. One channel only provides so much capacity. Sharing the work gave other capable people the opportunity to be a channel for solutions, so the people would “go home satisfied” (Exodus 18:23). It’s a win-win-win situation. The leader is happy, other leaders are being raised up, and the people are being served better.

Dust off your delegation

If you want to give priority to what God has asked you to do, learn to delegate. If you want to develop leaders, learn to delegate. The most beneficial and least used tools in a leader’s tool bag is delegation. I know it isn’t easy. I am as big of a control freak as anyone. We will have to take a deep breath in at least three areas, as we reach for delegation and pull it out of the tool bag.

  1. Responsibility. This often has to be given, at first, even before a person has proven themselves. Do you give others freedom, once you have given them the job?
  2. Authority. You have to give permission to make decisions. Can you relinquish control?
  3. Pulse. You have to figure out how they are hard wired and then tell them. Are you getting to know them, not just monitoring what they do?

If ministry is a strain and endurance is low, chances are you are poorly delegating. If you want to regain focus and see ministry opportunities surge, reach into your tool bag and dust off your delegation.

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