It is no secret that most people live beyond their means. I read an article a couple of weeks ago that cited just two out of five Americans spent less than their incomes in 2015. That means 60% of Americans spent all or more of what they made. “There was more month at the end of their money” as Dave Ramsey says.

Consider the mood and vibe inside those households. The stress of any unexpected repairs gets magnified. The freedom to give and help someone else is limited. The option for planning and dreaming about the future is removed. It is about survival.

Jesus made a direct connection between a person’s money and their heart. Jesus said, “Where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” (Matthew 6:21). If a person does not have margin in their money, what does that do to their heart? Having margin with money changes everything.

Addressing the relationship a person has with their treasure, is crucial to dealing with a person’s heart. If we avoid dealing with the issue of money, all other efforts will fail at prompting true heart-change in people. Unfortunately, we are not adept at approaching finances from the vantage of the heart.

There are good and bad ways of approaching the subject of how a person should relate to treasure. You have probably experienced both. The subject is avoided because of all the bad ways. If this issue is a key to seeing heart-change, it is worth figuring out good ways of approaching the subject.

I heard one of the best conversations on this subject on The Bible Project podcast. If this topic intrigues you, start by listening to that conversation.

What is the most significant question you are asking yourself currently about money?

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