At the top of each of our job descriptions, whether we have the title Pastor or anything else, should be to stay close to Jesus.

At the top of each of our job descriptions, whether we have the title Pastor or anything else, should be to stay close to Jesus.


Intimacy as priority

Staying close to Jesus is the most important thing you have to do. The way we have expressed this around here for years is embracing greater intimacy with God. This is the first qualitative value to be championed, empowered, and expected in our roles, not just for our roles.

First a lover

Jesus told us this. He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matt 6:33) He is first. You are not first a pastor, leader, spouse, or parent. You are first a lover of God and of what he is doing (running a kingdom). Check out the context of Jesus’ statement. He was talking about heart, love, and devotion (6:21 and 24). Those are elements of intimacy.

Bring the intensity

What intentional, passionate effort are you making to deepen and grow your personal relationship with Jesus? You may read this and think, “Chad, you’re coming across a bit intense.” Do you disagree with the premise? If you are not bringing spiritual intensity to your role, what are you bringing?

Intention required

I think intimacy and intensity are linked by intentionality. There are many ways you can make seeking first the kingdom a reality, but one way it does not happen is by falling into it. Intimacy and intensity takes intention.

What I’m doing

Here are a few intentional ways that have worked for me recently. I would love to learn how you are intentionally cultivating your intimacy and intensity with Jesus.

  • Read something new: there are so many easy ways to get fresh content in front of your eyes and into your heart. I love the YouVersion Bible app and have been reading this one recently. Check out the two apps below as well.
  • Weed something new: eliminating something can be a great way to shake things up and force intentionality. I went on a partial fast recently. Fasting requires intentionality. It doesn’t have to be food that you eliminate. You could fast from the radio while you’re in your car and intentionally give that bandwidth of your mind to something else.
  • Lead something new: your spiritual intensity may be low because you’re bored. You may need more responsibility to get you to place your attention on what really matters. I recently stepped into helping more in children’s ministry at church. It isn’t a big commitment time-wise, but it has definitely sparked fresh creative buttons in me that has increased intimacy, intensity, and intentionality with Jesus.


What do you need to do to stay close to Jesus?

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